Medicare Levy Low-Income Thresholds For 2023–2024

The Medicare levy low-income thresholds for 2023–2024 would normally have been announced in this 2024–2025 Budget. However, the Government released the 2023–2024 Medicare levy thresholds on 25 January 2024 when it announced the changes to the Stage 3 tax cuts. The new thresholds to provide cost-of-living relief were enacted by the Treasury Laws Amendment (Cost of Living – Medicare Levy) Act 2024.

From the 2023–2024 income year, the Medicare levy low-income threshold for singles has been increased to $26,000 for 2023–2024 (up from $24,276 for 2022–2023). For couples with no children, the family income threshold is $43,846 (up from $40,939 for 2022–2023). The additional amount of threshold for each dependent child or student is $4,027 (up from $3,760).

For single seniors and pensioners eligible for the seniors and pensioners tax offset (SAPTO), the Medicare levy low-income threshold is $41,089 (up from $38,365). The family threshold for seniors and pensioners is $57,198 (up from $53,406), plus $4,027 for each dependent child or student (up from $3,760).


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