Are You Facing a Tax Audit of Your Parramatta Business? Partner with an Accountant That Understands Your Situation

Running a business is a complicated affair, and an owner must often divide his or her attention between many tasks at once. Sometimes, that could mean things slip through the cracks or aren’t completed properly. While not always a serious issue, when a business receives notice that it will face a tax audit, Parramatta owners like you are right to feel concerned. An audit is a serious matter triggered when the ATO notices one or several red flags associated with your filings. While it could be something as simple as reporting earnings too much out of line with industry benchmarks, an audit can also result from other discrepancies.

Navigating the opaque audit procedure can be stressful. If you are not sure how to handle the next steps you should take, why not consider hiring an experienced tax accountant in Parramatta? At Marcos Accountants, we have a highly professional team ready and waiting to help you through this stressful time. We don’t just aid with taxes — we live and breathe complex maths and tough situations. As a result, we’re well-equipped with the knowledge and procedures necessary to ensure the most positive outcome to your audit possible. How can an accountant help?

Navigating your tax audit in Parramatta the right way

During the auditing process, it is critical for your business to have all its paperwork in order, like tax returns, receipts, and more. This paperwork is the foundation from which an accountant can build your case to the ATO. We will be happy to help you collect all this information to create an accurate picture of your finances and what your real tax liabilities are. We understand that sometimes these files are in a state of disarray; our job is to put them back in order.

Also, we work on your behalf with highly professional and experienced law firms with lawyers well-versed in taxation law. In this way, we take every step possible to find an equitable path forward. We can provide you with advice at every stage of the audit. Though the future can seem unknown during a tax audit, our team will help dispel myths about the procedure and keep you focused on finding a positive result.

Reach out to our team for assistance now

Experiencing a tax audit can leave you fretting, a trustworthy accountant in Parramatta from our team will help put your mind at ease. Through our liaisons with leading legal firms and our experience in the industry, we will work towards the best possible resolution for your case. Afterwards, we encourage you to consider taking full advantage of our wide range of accountancy services. Our team is always happy to share advice on how to improve the financial direction of your business undertakings. To begin preparing to rectify your audit, please contact Marcos Accountants at your earliest convenience. Visit our contact page or ring (02) 9893 8600.